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Vacation Lists From a Veteran Traveler & Incurable List Junkie.

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No matter where your travels take you or the means you use to get there we've got tips, lists and links to make it every bit as fabulous as you've imagined it.

Scroll down to find pages packed with

  • Packing lists
  • Preparation tips
  • Travel deals.
  • Preparing your home for your absence.
  • All of those little details that need to be done before you head out to the wild blue yonder.

Vacation Lists by Holiday Type

The links below will help you to find exactly the resources you need for the type of vacation you're planning.

Streamline your information by choosing from the pic's to find lists and details relevant to your travels.

Pre-Vacation Tips

Here we'll get you organized and offer lists, tips and timelines for what needs to be done...and when..

Find details to keep you on track and dozens of eye opening vacation options.

Don't Let Your Bags be a Drag

The week before you leave it's time to start thinking about what you'll take on the trip and what you'll carry it in.

Master the art of packing with these vacation lists along with tips for packing a suitcase and savvy advice about what goes and what doesn't.

Vacations are a great stress reliever... once you get there... and getting you there with everything you need... including your sanity, is our specialty.

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If you own anything - a house, furniture, car, plants, a puppy - you need to make arrangements when you go away from home.

Arrangements mean lists - to us they do anyway - and we've got travel planning tips for making your home ready for your absence, what to pack for any vacation, airline luggage restrictions, best product and destination guides... and so much more!.

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You'll be amazed at the options that are available to travelers - awesome accommodations, alluring side trips, guided tours and spectacular modes of travel take you on a journey that's unique to you.

Scroll through our pages filled with travel planning resources, lists and vacation information for you - The Savvy Traveler!

Here's More

  • Sailing Vacation - Soft duffles are the luggage of choice for sailors... there's good reason for it too. Here's the info you need, to pack for a sailing vacation.
  • .....

  • Travel Resources - Need to know information for travelers including health bulletins and travel notices.
  • .....

  • Double Duty Items - Lightweight items to take along that're worth their weight in gold.
  • .....

  • Things to do before you leave - Super organized tips for planning your vacation and preparing your home for your absence. Stay on track and enjoy the ride as we guide you through the pre vacation tasks.
  • .....

Vacations are a time to re-connect with yourself and those you love.

Have the Time of Your Life!

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