Vacation Planning Website

The Travel List specialists have compiled this Vacation Planning Website that offers packing checklists and timely to do lists.

Because getting to vacation is not quite as relaxing as being on vacation.

In many cases vacation planning begins 6 months or more before you actually depart.

Starting early allows you to research culture, explore tour possibilities and book the choicest accommodations.

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Early vacation planning leaves lots of time to get your passport and travel visas in order and address other documentation that applies to the trip.

In spite of the many plusses of traveling, leaving home can be just a little bit outside the comfort zone for more than a few.

Staying organized is key to a smooth transition from here to there and home again.

To me, that means LISTS and you know you'll find them here - for every step of the way no matter where your travels take you.

Preparing for Vacation - In Bite Sized Chunks

Scroll down the list below for a countdown-to-vacation system that delivers easy to follow lists of what needs to be done - and when.

Accommodations - Vacation Planning Website

Travel Planning Quick Links by Vacation Type

Vacation Planning Website

Among our helpful tips for travel you'll find the famous Mother of All Vacation Packing Lists and a preparation index designed especially to keep you organized every step of the way.

Things you can do as much as 6 months before leaving on vacation, what can be done 1 week prior and those last minute items that can only be done on the day of departure.

Whether you're going camping or on a tropical beach trip, you'll find vacation planning help here.

One Way Traveler's Information

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Going One Way?

Here are some great tips for the one way traveler. Explore the world on a no return ticket and plan the journey as you go.

There are a few things you should know before you head out and they're covered here, on our one way travel page.                 

And if you want more than the typical hotel vacation, now's the time to search the amazing array of vacation homes at some

of the most beautiful places on the planet. Check below for handy links to hotels, villas, cottages or condos around the world.

Perfect Packing and Travel List Essentials

Packing for vacation needs some serious consideration in this day of pay per bag at the airlines and limitations on what can be carried into the cabin.
Consider the weather at your destination and the types of activities you'll do to hone your selections to the bare minimum.
Use lightweight, durable bags and choose the items you can't live without from the lists above.

E-books offer insights and information, written by those who have been there, that could save you thousands of dollars and expand your horizons. The more you save on travel expenses the more places you can go and the longer you can stay.

Find a selection of Vacation e-books to add to your travel list on our travel resources page.

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