Best Travel Clothes

Traveling Attire For Savvy Travelers

The very best travel clothes are comfortable, functional and stylish when you're on-the-move.

Good, functional travel clothing is so comfortable that you'll barely notice it ...

unless you're admiring your well dressed form as you pass a mirror or window.

The best clothes for travel are those that pack well, look fabulous and keep necessaries accessible to you ... but invisible to others.

Have you ever watched a veteran traveler breeze through the airport or station without a hiccup?... everything they need at their fingertips just like magic?

With a few of the right articles of clothing you can be that person.

A combination of great scrunch-free fabrics, thoughtful designs and travel accessories add a layer of function to your garb and lighten the load without you having to make any sacrifices.

Traveling Dresses

Check out our hand picked selection of dresses that make the grade. Wrinkle free and easy care garments that wash and dry quickly and perform on short notice.

Long dresses, short dresses, sun dresses and little black dresses that love to travel as much as you do.

Little Black Travel Dress

Our best travel clothes list would be seriously lacking if we didn't include the packable little black dress.

If you plan on cocktails, dining out or attending events, you're going to need a black dress that packs perfectly and sizzles when you're
wearing it.

Check out our selection of traveling black dresses.

Men's Travel Clothes

Where's a guy going to put his wallet, pen, keys, smart phone, sunglasses, music and passport?

When you're traveling you need your stuff to be with you and to know exactly where your most essential things (documentation, perscriptions, cash and cards) are at a moment's notice. If you're wearing them they're always with you.

Our selections are comfortable, attractive, versatile, functional, easy to maintain and they'll quickly go from being your favorite traveling clothes to being your favorite all-the-time clothes.

Whatever you choose to wear while you're traveling you'll have it on for a considerable amount of time and possibly through a change of climate. Layering allows you to shed or add articles to adapt to changes in your immediate environment.

Travel Coat

Here's a look at some of the best travel coats available anywhere.

Everything you need to transition from one climate to another, your jacket should travel without complaint when it's packed into a small bag and shake out to a stylish cover that keeps you warm

and dry while harboring your must-have items at your fingertips. A tall order? Nope.

Men's Travel Jacket

The best travel clothes for men will include a versatile jacket that does everything he expects of outerwear and more.

Here are our picks for traveling and packing that'll keep the men looking and feeling ultra savvy while protecting documents, electronics and valuables.

Packable Rain Jacket

Expecting your sunshine in liquid form?

You are going to love our selection of travel rainwear. It handles rain and drizzle as well as any rain gear but it also loves to travel in small spaces.

Some vacations wouldn't be quite complete without a little rainfall and since you'll be prepared you won't miss a thing - no matter
what the forecast.

The travel vest has a ton of happy surprises for the on-the-go woman.

Thanks to the versatility of this specialized garment your purse carrying days could be over.

It is a vest but it's also a jacket with a detachable hood and big secure pockets and so many more traveler friendly features.

What to Wear in the Air

Casual and comfortable are the keystones of the air travel wardrobe, throw in some secure pockets for keeping the necessaries close at hand and slip on a pair of
comfortable, easy to get on and off shoes and you're set.

Air travel has gone through a lot of changes since it's inception. Once considered a luxury mode of travel many travelers liken it more to
a cattle car these days.

Fees for checked luggage - sometimes steep fees for even the first bag - are heralding smart travel attire solutions for those who wander.

Layering up increases your wardrobe and the number of storage pockets you'll have available. Stow your most valuable, necessary and weightiest
articles in the garments and you might not even need a carry-on bag.

Packing Your Travel Clothes

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