1 Week Prior to Vacation

1 Week Prior to departure is the perfect time to finalize details and get yourself and your travel wardrobe ready for a holiday workout.

A Carefree Vacation Doesn't Just Happen

If it's time to start thinking about things like what to pack for vacation, whether there's enough pet food to last for the duration and which bills will come due while you're away then these travel preparation tips and lists will keep you on track.

In the next 7 days you'll take steps that'll keep the ball in the air at home
while you're away.

You'll attend appointments, drop things off, pick things up, pack things, make arrangements - and miraculously, be ready for anything when vacation day arrives.

Here are some pointers and reminders to keep you on top of things as your vacation approaches.

Things To Do 1 Week Prior to Leaving on Vacation

  • Groceries - Start limiting the amount of perishables you buy at the grocery store.
    Will you be leaving pets at home with a caregiver? Make sure there's enough pet food to last until you come home.

  • Check Prescription Medications - Do you have more than enough of your essential medications to see you through the entire vacation?

  • Begin Gathering - Collect everything you're planning to take with you on vacation. Inspect your pile with a critical eye. Can some items do double duty so that others can be left at home?
    Check out our Mother of All Vacation Packing Lists for complete travel lists and valuable tips on getting it all into the bag without turning your vacation into a drag ... literally, have a look at our packing advice page.

Airline Rules

The issue of what can be carried aboard is constantly changing.

Check our luggage restrictions page to determine restricted items and allowable weights and dimensions for your luggage.

  • Luggage - Remove all irrelevant tags   to avoid destination mix-ups.
    Ensure that your luggage is identified on the inside and outside with your name and contact information.
    We usually each carry a backpack and a duffle and check the duffle.
    Once we arrive, the backpack becomes our "take everywhere" tote for hikes, day trips and shopping excursions.
    Acceptable dimensions for carry on luggage vary depending on the airline. Generally a 9x14x21 suitcase would keep you within carry on size on most airlines. Some will accept larger bags in the cabin and a very few others allow even less.
    Read more specifics about luggage restrictions here.

  • Weather - Keep an eye on the weather at your destination and pack accordingly. Here's a great world-wide weather site for you to check out to get an idea what to expect during your visit.

  • Hair Appointments - Trim, color, perm, braids - this week is the time to get your hair in holiday shape. Style Hair Magazine is my go-to site for do-it-yourself hair info, or see your favourite stylist.
  • Aesthetics - Make manicure, pedicure and waxing appointments for two or three days before you leave.
  • Check with Airlines - Check for any new information about restricted items or recent changes in security levels.

  • Alert Credit Card Company - To avoid issues with credit and debit cards, call the company and let them know where and when you're going and to expect activity on the card from your destination. Don't forget to include any stopover places you'll visit.

  • Security - In the week prior to your departure, notify the local police and security company that your home will be unoccupied.
    Make arrangements with neighbors, family or friends to pick up papers and flyers that are delivered to your home.
    If you'll be using timers to set for sprinklers, radios and/or lights make sure you have 1 timer for each task you want to have done automatically.

  • Mail - Arrange to have your mail picked up, forwarded, or put aside for the duration of your stay.
  • Trash - Ask a neighbor or friend to put the trash can out on garbage collection day. You may want to have this done even if you don't have trash to make the place look lived in.

  • Valuables - Secure your valuables or artfully conceal them on your property. Make a note of all hiding places and take it with you or keep it in a text editor on your computer.
    Ahem, we have hidden some things so well that we've never found them again.

  • Dry Cleaning - If you didn't make it to the Dry Cleaner's last week it's time to send any items of clothing you intend to pack - We'll remind you to pick it up in our day before you leave list.

  • Organize Documents - Make sure you have ample copies of documents, itineraries, emergency numbers etc. We always carry a photocopy of our passport open to the page with our photo and signature. Copy your drivers license too!
    Hand over the photocopy rather than the original if the documents will leave your sight.

  • Pay Bills - Pay any current outstanding accounts and any bills that will come due while you're on vacation.
    Set up on-line banking if this will be a lengthy trip.

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