6 Weeks Prior to Vacation

Pre vacation "To Do" list.

Vacation Planning List for 6 Weeks Prior to Departure.

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A vacation plan that keeps the planning and preparing simple and organized. Use our handy lists to make your own vacation planning calendar.

Advance planning can enrich a vacation and give it more substance. Although some of our tips must be done if you'll be vacationing in another country, others are optional considerations that can expand your appreciation of the destination and the journey.

Here are a few things that should be considered about a month to six weeks before you leave.

Then relax with a beverage and read your travel books...again.

Don't book your vacation accommodations until you've read this invaluable insiders information.

Organize Vacation Tasks into Simple, Bite-Sized Chunks.

  • Copy of Medical Prescription(s) - If you have tons of medication or take substances that could be used as recreational drugs get a copy of your prescription(s) to show to suspicious authorities.

    Better to be safe than sorry. Copy your prescription before you have it filled next time or phone your pharmacist and ask for a copy for travel purposes. Keep it in the envelope you started a few months ago.
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  • Check Valid Dates - Ensure that your credit card, debit card, passport and driver's license will remain valid until after you arrive back home. Your passport must not expire during your trip and when visiting some countries (France, for example) it must not expire within 6 months of when you return home. Make sure you've got lots of room on your passport.
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  • Gather Information - There's still lots of time to research your destination and refine your travel plans.

    Where you'll go, events you'll attend, cultural aspects, additional tours, local bargains, etc. Good information sources are, the world wide web, travel agents and brochures, libraries and book stores.
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  • Learn the Lingo - It's not too late to pick up at least a few common phrases of the language spoken at your vacation destination. Buy or borrow language cd's, dvd's, books etc. or take a beginner class.

    I've heard great things about the Rosetta Stone language program although we've not yet tried it. It's expensive at $400 - $500 USD for a complete program (which is why we haven't tried it yet) but by all reports it's worth it.
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  • Consider Housesitters - This is a good time to start looking for a house or pet sitter. You're in luck if you have a trusted friend or neighbor you can ask to keep an eye on the house, bring in (and posssibly forward) the mail, forward phone messages and care for your pets.

    Professional services are available to connect you with house sitters who have undergone security checks and are willing to stay in your home and care for pets, plants and gardens. A high percentage of people who housesit are retired couples.

    Negotiate particulars (like whether they would mow the lawn, answer phone calls, forward mail, administer medications to pets, etc.) once you've selected the best person or couple from those who respond to your request.
    Learn more at Housecarers.com.
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  • Mail Order or Internet Purchases - Most times you get your purchases within a week but sometimes they can take much longer, items are backordered or the product needs to be exchanged, so order early and give yourself some time.

    Have I told you about Sierra Trading Post? It's the first place I look for travel garb.
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  • Hair and Glamour Appointments - Book early to get in with those busy stylists and aestheticians. Make appointments for two or three days before you leave and find valuable tips for doing your own do here
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  • Prescription Sunglasses & Dive Masks - 4 - 6 Weeks Prior to vacation gives you enough time to order contact lenses, glasses, prescription sunglasses and prescription dive masks for those beach trips and sailing vacations.
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