Cruise Attire

Clothing that adapts to cruising and exploring.

woman at cruise ship rail

Great shipboard fashions.

You are going to love the cruise attire options available to you.

Depending on where your sailing itinerary takes you, you'll need a variety of items of clothing that can be mixed to adapt to any situation.

After all, you'll be exploring, working out, shopping, dining and cocktailing on board and on shore and your wardrobe has to keep up.

Cruises offer such an abundance of experiences and you can still address all of them in perfect attire by selecting a few garments that travel well and perform right out of the suitcase.

Choose attire that's lightweight, layerable and comfortable in a mixable color palette.

Additionally, opt for pockets which allow you to go hands-free while aboard and during shore excursions.

Cruise ship vacations are wonderfully diverse and offer an array of on board activities and land based excursions as well as sporting adventures like golf, snorkeling and diving.

Here are some incredible layers that love to travel as much as you do!.

Men's Cruise Attire

Women's Cruise Attire

The Sun Hat

A sunhat is essential gear for cruise vacations. A wide brimmed hat not only protects your scalp, face and neck...your hat, along with a good pair of sunglasses, protects your eyes from sun damage.

Here's a splendid selection of packable hats.


Little Black Travel Dresses

Many cruises feature a captain's dinner which requires formal or semi-formal wear. That's where the little black dress comes in. You want to set a striking pose at dinner without having to sacrifice a lot of luggage space.

Here are some selections that will keep you comfortable and looking smashing the whole night long.

Glam it up a bit with some accessories (scroll down).



I love cotton...but it's relatively heavy and just not the best fabric for traveling, particularly in tropical climates where it holds moisture and loses shape in the humidity.

Fabrics have been carefully engineered to travel wrinkle free and wick moisture from your skin to keep you more comfortable. Like "climate control" for the human body.


A Little Shimmer - Evening Cruise Attire

Kick it up a notch with a little bling. A shimmery scarf or a glistening clutch turns an everyday ensemble into an eye catcher.


Women's Tops


Cruising to Alaska? Rain Attire is a Must

The type you choose depends entirely upon your style.

Here are our top raingear recommendations.

For a wider selection of travel rain jackets visit our packable rainwear page.


Men's Cruise Attire

Here are some must-have wardrobe items that'll keep the men looking stylish and feeling comfortable on board and on land.

Cruising vacations are unique in that they include a wide range of vistas, weather, modes of travel and unique tours and activities.

Good cruise attire adapts from one activity to another and washes out effortlessly to be ready for whatever you throw at it.

See more men's travel clothing here.


For more awesome travel clothing please visit Best Travel Clothes.

Walk off the ship looking like a million, with everything you need for the day tucked into your clothing - no bag required.

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