Air Travel Accessories

There's been a lot of talk lately about the many comforts of air travel!

... not really.

But there are some really savvy air travel accessories that are designed to make the time you spend on board more comfortable.

Check out these state-of-the-art products that have been developed to put an end to some of your favorite flying pet peeves.

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Increase Your In-Flight Comfort

You just might fall in love with air travel again when you up the on-board comfort factor with whole body support.

The inflatable cross body pillow is a better alternative to the neck pillow and if you want a deeper sleep add ear plugs and a good room darkening sleep mask

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For The Kids

Earplanes for kids between the ages of 1 - 10 who experience pain on take-off and landing.

* Note - Ear pain issues can be worst when landing at a lower elevation than that from which you've come. For example if you live at 3,000 foot elevation and are
landing at sea level, the likelihood that your child will experience discomfort increases. A headset designed for kids 2 and up means  they can listen to their favorite music, games and DVD's over and over and over again and volume is restricted to protect little ears.

Packing For Air Travel

The trick to packing well is to stay ultra organized. It's one thing to know that you have an item among your things ... but another to be able to locate it instantly.

Packing cubes keep you organized and items easy to find. They also compress your garments into manageable packets when packed snugly.

Electronics have become a part of most of our lives - keep it all together with a specially designed organizer and tame stray wires into easy to handle bundles with gear ties.

Specially sized pots and tubes carry your liquids, lotions, creams and gels in acceptable amounts for your carry-on. They're also cute and easy to fill.

Respect the spectacles with a rugged glasses case designed for the active traveler.

Medical Air Travel Accessories

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We've selected accessories for your in-flight comfort and any special aids you or a loved one might need for negotiating the airport and boarding the plane.

The 7 day pillbox is huge and capable of carrying ALL of your supplements and medications. Because each day has an individual box you can pack only the number
of boxes you need or use the additional boxes as super jewelry and small item organizers.

Easy to transport mobility aids for airports and planes include folding canes and walkers that transform from functional to packable in seconds.

Will You Be Renting a Car?

If you or someone else who'll be driving uses a handicapped parking permit (the kind that you normally hang from the rear view mirror) don't forget to pack it for use in the rental car.

International Air Travel Accessories

Intercontinental flights often take you into an entirely different infrastructure where electrical outlets are not designed for your electronics. You'll need a good adapter to transition your devices from one continent to another.

Compress your packables, not only does it allow you to pack more but it keeps everything orderly.

Keep your valuables and necessities close, secure and invisible with the neck stash. There are regions where pick-pocketing is an art and unwary tourists are frequently
targeted. This number keeps your things too close for their comfort.

Air Travel Accessories for the Vacation

Solutions for situations unique to flying

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