Fun Camping Games & Activities

Here are some of the most fun camping games being played at campgrounds and beaches.

They're all activities that keep mind and body active and campers of all ages entertained.

Each of the games is -

  • Small or collapsible - easy to pack without taking too much room.
  • Easy enough for the kids to play.
  • Challenging enough to keep adults engaged.
  • Tons of fun.
  • Beneficial for physical or mental growth.

Fun Camping Games for the Outdoors

Blongo Ball

Premium Ladder Toss Game

Although it assembles into 2 big goal racks it also disassembles into an easy to transport 25 x 12.5 x 3.5 inch package (9 pounds).

The object of the game is to be the first team or player to reach exactly 21 points.

Points are awarded for wrapping the BlongoBall (2 balls connected by a length of string) around one of the rungs of the BlonGoal by throwing it from a pre-determined distance. The number of points won depends on the rung that your Blongo Ball "catches".

Bocce Ball

Pronounced baw-chee-ball - This is a fantastic game that can be played by two or more players or teams.

Toss the little white ball out into the playing field (when we're camping we use the road or the beach). The object of the game is to get your colored balls closer to the little white ball than your opponents do.

The concept is simple enough for a 4 year old to grasp and the activity level is easy enough for an 80 year old to participate.

This is a good Backyard Bocce Set set for camping - not tournament quality, but you wouldn't really want your tournament quality balls getting gravel scratches on them.

Washer Toss

A simple toss game that packs easily and everyone can play.

Try to get the washers into the cup, or at least, the box. The number of points awarded depends on how close you get to the cup.

This is a quality made product that should last a lifetime. The unit forms a solid 16 X 16 inch square that securely locks closed for transport. It opens to 2 square playing pieces and includes 6 powder coated washers to complete the game.

Learn more about the Washer Game here


Keep the kids active and laughing their faces off with this wacky game.

Boochie is Bocce with a twist - several twists - in fact this delightful game is never the same and anything but predictable.

Sometimes skill wins it for you and sometimes it's in the hands of Lovely Lady Luck.

Fun Camping Games - Indoor

couple playing board game in tent

We always keep a few table games tucked away that can be played at the outdoor table or indoors when the
weather just won't co-operate.

Each has a simple concept that is easily grasped by youngsters while at the same time being difficult to master (like checkers).

Here are our favorites.

Pocket Farkel

A simple dice game that hones counting skills in the kids.

The Original Pocket Farkel Dice Game is compact (about 2 inches by 1.5 inches) and includes 6 mini dice and game playing instructions.

We make it more challenging by doing all the counting in Spanish but it's a very simple game to learn and play.



I LOVE this game. It's been a family favorite for years and spans 4 generations of my clan.

Its concept is simple and can be learned by a 5 year old in 5 minutes but mastery of the game takes decades. Similar to the ancient Chinese game of Go, the playing contents consist of a board and stones - or in the case of Pente', pouches of colored glass stones.

Pente' (meaning 5) is played by placing stones on the intersections of the grid (the board has a grid like pattern). The object of the game is to get 5 stones in a row or
 to capture 5 pairs of your opponent's stones.

While trying to build your line of 5 stones  you must also watch that you don't leave your men open to capture and at the same time, try to prevent your opponent from building his own line.


Travel Qwirkle Board Game

Match the game pieces by shape and color in a similar fashion to scrabble. The concept seems so simple...until the game proceeds. This is another one of those "easy to learn difficult to master" games that never go out of fashion.

Young and not-so-young players will love the strategic workout this game provides.

No board is required (like dominoes) and a little drawstring bag holds the 108 wooden pieces when they're not being used.

The Old Standbys

Along with the above fun camping games there are also the "staples" that are always in the camper.

  • Ball - Any ball will get people up and moving around.
  • Butterfly Net - Keeps kids busy, and sometimes they catch a butterfly, bug or fish to look at.
  • Deck of Cards - Or more than one if you play games that use several decks.
  • Puzzle Books - From sudoku to word search to crosswords.
  • Go Fly a Kite - The age old art of kite flying never gets old. The new In the Breeze Purple Diamond Kite, 30-Inch make it easy to transport and stow in your camping gear.
  • Bubbles - I never get tired of bubbles and years ago I got this giant bubble maker that can even impress curmudgeons. Take a Giant Bubble Kit along to make bubbles as big as a car!
  • Coloring Books & Crayons - For kids and adults alike. Over the years the kids we know have colored and signed their work - we still have those coloring books. It's fun to show them (now adults) pictures they colored when they were kids.

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