Vacation House Rentals

All the Comforts of Home - And Then Some

Vacation homes and condos are available around the world.

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Get the best of both worlds - a rental property where you can be on vacation in an exotic location and still have all the conveniences of a fully equipped home in an established neighborhood.

A place to stretch out and even have friends and family over for a meal or to spend the week. Celebrate weddings, birthdays, Thanksgiving or just the fact that you're together.

A rapidly growing segment of the traveling population is opting for vacation house rentals rather than staying in a small room in a crowded hotel or resort.

And who can blame them when you look at the advantages?

Here's What's Great About Vacation House Rentals

  • Cost - Rentals are an amazingly good deal.
  • Amenities - Full sized fridge, BBQ (my husband's 2 favorite things) along with room for everyone to stretch out, outdoor spaces, sometimes even swimming pools are included.
  • Privacy - When you open your bedroom door there won't be a stranger from across the hall standing there.
  • Group Vacations - Rent a multi room house to share with your favorite people for a family celebration or an annual get-together.
  • Expanse - Plenty of room to be together but enough room for everyone to have their own space too. Perfect for the whole family, or situations where friends or the grandchildren will join you.
  • Pets - A number of listings welcome pets.

TripAdvisor has taken it's talents in the vacation accommodation area and applied them to vacation homes. They have compiled an impressive list of over 550,000 vacation rental properties around the world. Find Great Vacation Rental Deals at TripAdvisor

Whether you're looking for a villa on a Tuscan hillside, a New York condo or a Caribbean beach house you'll find it on the list.

Check for Vacation Properties at Your Destination

If you're new to the idea of vacation rentals, clicking the "GO" button to your right will take you to a search page. Enter a Country or City in the search box to check for rentals at your destination...or any destination in the world you'd like to visit.

Scroll through the listings to find a home in your desired location and then refine the search to locate homes that have enough room to accommodate your party and are available on your dates.

Read the reviews from previous visitors.

Contact the property owner to book a time and finalize details.

Enjoy all the comforts, convenience and privacy of being at home while you explore your new horizons.

Get the experience you want

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Beach front, expansive views, secluded hideaway, unique architecture, plush luxury, private pools and spas - rental homes are available with every amenity and in all those dreamy locations in which you've visualized yourself.

They come in all sizes too from cozy and romantic 2 person suites to expansive homes that can accommodate a family gathering, reunion or celebration.

Tailor Your Rental Agreement

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Move in for the whole summer or just a few days. The longer you plan to stay, the earlier you should book your accommodations.

Once you've connected with the home owner you'll be able to negotiate the process (sometimes even the price).

Ask about things such as whether the property is pet friendly or kid friendly, transportation services, where the best market, deli, cafe, takeout, beach, golf course is located.

Get The Scoop

Learn From Our Mistake

Get The Address - Even if you make arrangements to be met at the airport.

Due to a mix-up we never connected with our ride at the Antigua airport and we didn't know the address.

Samuel the taxi driver saved our butt by driving us around the entire neighborhood making inquiries until he found it.

Is there a local farmers market, live music venue, sporting event that regularly occurs nearby? Is there a car, boat or golf cart included or negotiable?

When we first started renting villas in the Caribbean and Mexico it was a laborious task finding and comparing available rentals at our chosen location and we had only the word of the owner to go on.

What I would have given for a little (or a lot) of the guidance TripAdvisor offers.

The extensive listings cover all important aspects of the rental property and the guest comments and ratings give you a very broad look at the home and even cover things you'd never have thought to ask.

The candid reviews are the reason I use Tripadvisor.

The Sky's The Limit

Choose a vacation home rental that's just like home sweet home or a character accommodation that's anything but.


If you've always wondered what it would be like to live in Manhattan or on a residential street in Italy, this is your opportunity to blend into the neighborhood and live like a local anywhere in the world.

No matter where you're going TripAdvisor has a fabulous rental property for a memorable vacation.

"When visiting another country it enriches my experience to walk around the neighborhood, take the bus and scour the markets, asking the vendors about the fruits, vegetables and spices that are unfamiliar to me."

"It makes me feel more connected to the place and the people and, after all, that's the very reason that I travel."

Put Your Vacation Property to Work For You!

Own a Property?

List Your Vacation Rental on TripAdvisor and turn it into a win, win opportunity.

Here's how it works - Someone owns a home in a fantastic location but can only be there for a month or two every year.

Rather than leaving that home unused for the rest of the season they list it for vacationers who can benefit from it while helping to pay the expenses of owning the property.

If you just had a "lightbulb moment" realizing that you could rent your place out while you're gone - you are going to love the options available for swapping homes with other travelers around the globe.

Everybody wins!

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