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RV Travel Tips - Fuel Saving Tips for the RVer.

Did you know that how you drive the RV can save you money?

Here are a few simple strategies that will keep you chugging happily down the road with your gear stowed safely and your engine frugally sipping the fuel.

Everything that you carry on board has a weight factor. Make careful selections when getting the RV ready to go.

As you pack items into your recreational vehicle keep the weight as low to the ground and evenly distributed as possible.

For RVing, choose lightweight plastic over glass and mini sized containers rather than Costco sized. Empty the closet of unused clothing and footwear and go through tools and remove duplicates and unnecessary tools that you don't use.

Nix as many weighty things from your cargo as possible. It'll reduce fuel costs and make the RV easier to handle on the road.

RV Travel Tips to Reduce Fuel Costs

  • Water tanks - If your camping facility offers potable water, fill up the tanks when you get there instead of driving the distance with loaded (and heavy) tanks.

  • Clear out the heavy stuff - Remove accumulated cans of food, books and bottles. Only take the amount of food you'll need for the excursion (plus 1 meal). Full sized condiment containers can add a lot of weight and take up too much room in the refrigerator. Buy the smallest sized condiments (no matter what's on sale) or transfer to smaller containers. Switch to stainless steel bowls rather than heavy crockery and use lightweight dishes and bowls.

  • Holding tanks - The farther you drive with the grey and black water tanks full, the more gas it will cost you. If your RV facility offers a dumping station, use it before you leave the campground.

  • Purchase campfire wood at the campground - We used to bring our own firewood in a big plastic tub. Not only did it add a LOT of weight, it was in the way when we were in travel mode.

  • Check air filters - A simple maintenance task that takes seconds saves a whole lot of fuel. Clogged, dirty fuel filters make the engine work harder which translates into more fuel dollars. Remove the air filter and hold up to the sun or a trouble light. If you can't see through the filter replace it or clean it (if it's the re-usable type).

  • Maintain tire pressure - Maintaining optimum tire pressure reduces fuel costs. Tires with low pressure have a higher resistance and need more fuel to propel them. Carry a tire gauge and measure the pressure before each excursion (first thing in the morning, before the weather heats up and increases the pressure).

  • Adjust your driving habits - Many drivers habitually drive 10 miles or kilometers over the posted speed limit. You'll save more than you think by keeping your speed at, or just under, the speed limit. Jack rabbiting (tromping on the gas from a stop) uses more fuel than gradual accelerations.

  • Bottom Heavy - Pack heavy items as low as possible to prevent load shifting while you're driving. Cans, jars and liquids should be stowed in lower cabinets - paper products, breads, snacks and pastas in the uppers.

The price of fuel isn't going anywhere but up in the long run. Following our RV travel tips will help you consume less and travel more.

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