Travel Coat

The Go-Anywhere Trench

This little travel coat tics ALL of the right boxes.

white trench travel coat

It's so chic you'd never guess it's also waterproof, windproof and seriously serviceable.

Scrunch it into your bag and whenever you need it...there it is.

Wear this trench open or tie it for an upbeat look, it teams as well with jeans as it does with a little black dress.

A two-way zipper zips up or down for freedom of movement and as if that's not enough, you can secure one or all of the snap closures - with or without the zipper for different comfort levels and moods.

Snug up the snaps at the wrist and pull the removeable hood over your head and stay cozy in blustery weather.

It is a rain jacket after all - it just looks so good that it's easy to forget that it's not just a classy travel coat!

Port Authority¬ - Ladies Trench .

I know - right! Someone was really thinking when they put this number together.

It doesn't matter where you're going, this coat travels just as well tucked into your luggage as it does when it's wrapped around your form.

Ideal for spring and fall and cool summer evenings and although it's designed for traveling it's likely to become your everyday favorite whether you're driving to the mall or flying to Europe.

When you're out and about and navigating changeable climates this stylish coat adds casual panache and a put-together look whether you choose Black, Ivory or Dark Moss.

The jacket travels like a sherpa sporting pockets on the outside and inside for your stuff. Keep your passport, money and travel documents secure in the inner zippered pocket.

...and they said you couldn't have it all.


More still...

For style, warmth and versatility have a look at the puffy travel coat that converts into a comfy pillow for your head or lumbar support.

From jacket to pillow before takeoff - the ExOfficio¬ Storm Logic¬ Jacket

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