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beautiful woman wearing a packable straw hat with turquoise bead band

A packable straw hat adds a lot more than sun protection.

The right head wear adds style along with shade and even puts a little spring in your step.

Traveling to a sunny destination means you'll be paying a little more attention to your skin regime, especially if you're not used to a lot of solar rays.

Natural straw fibers make a lightweight sun shade that protects your face, head and shoulders from the harsh rays. The amount of SPF is determined by the tightness of the weave and the size of the brim.

From fedoras to floppys there's a hat that perfectly fits your needs and flatters your style.

Men's Packable Straw Hats

Western Chic Packable Straw Hat

Stylish Sun Protection - Wallaroo Women's Catalina Cowboy Sun Hat

The finely woven natural raffia hat is embellished with a fiery leather and bead band on the outside...and on the inside a drawstring allows you to adjust for head size and activity level.

A thin wire strand that is craftily threaded through the 3 inch brim holds the shape you desire.

It's also available in mushroom and turquoise colors which are so scrumptious you'll probably want all three.

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Casual Panache

Kooringal Ladies Fedora Bora Bora Womens Sun Hat

Love, love, love this hat for beach days and excursions. The casual style blends in with shorts, jeans and sundresses to top off any summery ensemble.

This relaxed fedora sports a mid-sized brim measuring about 2.3 inches keeping the sun off your head, ears and face and out of your eyes.

Kooringal it needs to go to the beach the crown rises to 4.5 inches

A thin wire allows you to shape the brim any way that suits you and holds it in place while a band of turquoise, wood and silver colored beads dances around the crown.

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Scala Women's Womens Crocheted Raffia

Great style you can dress up with a scarf or beads for a fancy brunch or keep it laid back with the natural raffia string that goes with everything. This can easily be a different hat for every occasion.

One size fits most and the brim can be worn up or down and holds its shape well.

Fully extended the inside diameter of the hat is 23 inches. A drawstring inside sizes it to fit most heads that measure 23" or less. The external raffia cord can also be used to snug the fit a little.

The squishable raffia weave packs easily and bounces out of your luggage with wrinkle-less dignity.

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Multicolor Woven Fedora

For something a little funkier this little fedora is absolutely fedorable.

Packable, crushable and pop-back-up-able this hat is as much a fashion statement as it is a head and face protector.

The inner drawstring allows you to make size adjustments and in lieu of a detachable hat band the multicolored weave around the base of the crown adds panache.

Shown is the blue color selection but it's also available in red, coral, brown and aqua colored trim.

The short brim is just big enough to keep the sun out of your eyes and off the tops of ears.

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The "Goes With Anything" Packable Straw Hat

Ladies Floppy Brimmed Summer Beach Hat

Select the "coffee rainbow" color for this hat. The natural straw color blended with a subtle multi-colored speckle makes this one a versatile show stopper.

Woven paper straw hat fits heads up to 22.5".

With a crown height of 5.5 inches with a 5.5 inch brim this hat has you covered and offers excellent sun protection at UPF 50.

Attached is an elastic chin strap that can be tucked up under the hat when it's not needed and secured under your chin to keep it in place on breezy days.

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Womens Floppy, Summer Fun, Straw Hat

This big brimmed cloche style hat is your personal sun shade and you'll look oh-so cool at the pool or strolling around the market.

Included is a detachable chin strap for when a breeze pipes up and the roomy brim creates a shady refuge from the sun's damaging rays.

The comfortable inner band has an adjustable tape that sizes the hat to fit heads from 21.6" - 22.8" - which also allows you to adjust for windy days and sailing trips.

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Men's Packable Straw Hat

Packable Panama Fedora

Men's packable, foldable Panama Straw Hat.

Not only does this hat lend a polished look but it's super comfortable and lightweight.

Crafted of finely woven straw that keeps your head cool and provides good, breathable sun protection.

The brim measures in at just a smidge over 3 inches to protect ears, face and neck and keep the heat off your head.

Fold it into your luggage for travel and remove it at the other end ready to start vacationing. It'll relax back into shape in a short time or overnight.

The amount of time it takes for the creases to disappear will be determined by how tightly the hat was packed and for how long.

The crown rises between 4.5 and 5 inches - depending on the size of the hat, leaving ample room for air circulation.

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