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I get a lot of questions from people when they realize that I make money from my website.

If you think you need to be a computer expert to have a website of your own, I have great news for you!

A little over 10 years ago my daughter started on this new venture that we watched from the sidelines. She had found a company that would allow complete noobs to become webmasters and to build an online business.

Our scepticism wore thinner and thinner as her Hair website took shape and began earning an income. Over 18 months it flourished and freed her from the vicious cycle of working away from home to pay for the child care that she required so she could work.

Time to Dive In

I love learning new things and my interest in building my own website grew every day. I loved my job as an EMT-A on a local ambulance service but was also realizing that it's a young person's job and I wasn't going to be able to do it forever. 

My mind became a whirlwind of subjects that I knew well enough to write about. Still we'd only bought our computer a year and a half prior to this and were seriously inept even at sending e-mails. There was so much I didn't know.

Anyway, once I get a bug in my bonnet I have to give it a try so I ordered my package from Sitesell and dove in, head first and this website is what I produced. I've never regretted it.

Because I'd seen SBI! work first hand I didn't even bother reading the case studies from happy customers who had built profitable websites.

The reason it works for us regular people is that you do not have to learn any html or coding if you don't want to. Not only do they have a stupendous block building system so that you can build beautiful and functional sites easily but they are always working in the background on issues that crop up in internet land. They weed through all of the hype and changes and bring us solutions to the issues so that we can spend our time focusing on building a successful business.

If I'd had to deal with some of the issues myself I'd have been lost years ago.

The learning curve that I experienced was probably higher than it is for most people because I was so hopelessly inept at literally everything. I hadn't yet figured out how to add an attachment to an e-mail, had zero keyboarding skills and my filing abilities, yikes. There was a LOT to learn and Ken was right ... this is no "Get Rich Quick" scheme.

I love my website and the freedom it gives us. I'm able to work from our sailboat in Mexico in the winters and from home in BC in the summers.

Don't get me wrong, a website that generates money requires work, a lot of work, but now I decide when, where and how much I work. It's my business and I can grow it as fast or as slowly as I choose. If I want a couple of months off ... I'm the boss.

If you know something about anything you too can have a home based web site business and earn a tidy income. If you want to know how I did it here's more information
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Good Luck!

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