Full Time RV Living

How successful you'll be at full time RV living will depend on a million different things. It's not for everyone that's for sure, but if you have an adventuresome spirit an open mind and a desire to focus more on life and less on stuff, it just might be for you.

There are as many reasons why people choose full time RV living as there are RVs. For some it's the freedom and adventure for others it's an unavailability of living quarters in their area and for still others it's financial.

We'll explore the plusses and minuses of RV life and offer tips, tricks and solutions that make life aboard even better and we'll share links to the best resources for maintenance and mobility.

We knew that we wanted something mobile once we retired and looked at everything from camper vans to diesel pushers and we ended up with the monstrosity at the top of the page.

After years of

One consideration was what we would use to get around. We weren't too keen on having only a camper van and having to take it on every adventure.

For us it turned out to be the perfect solution. We'll drive the bus to a destination and use that as a hub for our explorations.