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Research and planning online first!

by Anne
(Virginia Beach, VA, USA)

My family and I recently went on vacation in Washington state.

I must say I was most happy with the planning I put into this trip!

Most of the time, traveling with children can be hectic, but this time I looked at your website and various other blogs to guarantee that I would have all the resources necessary.

It was also helpful using online vacation rental listing websites to see all the different types of homes that are available. It was especially nice to see that certain homes were kid-friendly.

I would definitely recommend doing research for trips before going! Also check out all of the great online rental websites. The one we used was called RentalSpot.

Thanks for letting me share and hope everyone has a great day!

Editors comments,

Thanks for taking the time to share Anne.

Sounds like you're a pretty smart cookie, doing
all that vacation research and planning ahead of time to make sure your journey went smoothly.

I'm so glad that the site provided information you were looking for and helped to get you and the family off to Washington State with everything in tow.

That's exactly what we're here for!

Happy travels,

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