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Me, the Jersey Shore, and Two Cute Guys

Last year when I was thirteen I went to the beach (Sea Isle City, NJ) with my mom, my sister, my aunt and uncle, and my two younger cousins.

My mom and dad are divorced and coincidentally, my other two cousins, Jiacomo (he's about eight and he's really wild) and Giana (eleven and fearless) on my dad's side were at the beach with their grandma, my grandma's sister, who owns a beach house right up the road from ours.

I had gone to the beach with them about a week and a half before. Some of the days we would see them at the beach but other days we didn't. The day before we left (A day we did see my dad's family) I noticed two cute guys who looked about my age skim boarding.

Suprisingly enough, they noticed me too. They saw me playing with Jiacomo and when he'd run into the ocean they would talk to him.

Jiac told me they asked a lot. What my name was. How old I was. And they asked if I was coming back since I went back to my house for lunch. I had never had guys this cute notice me.

The two boys taught Jiac how to skim board which kept him entertained all day.

The next day we were all there again. But now the boys wanted to meet me. Jiacomo told them to go talk to me when I was building a sand castle. So they did and they asked if I wanted to go in the ocean. SO we did for a while. Then they asked if we wanted to boogie board. So we did.

We hung out all day and later that night as the tide was going out we climbed up on the rocks looking for shells and star fish and such. Then when I had to leave, Bailey (one of the two boys. Logan was the other.) Gave me his necklace and told me that I had some
thing to always remember him by.

How sweet!

That was the best beach vacation ever.

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Jun 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

I love the jersey shore some of my family lives there! You are so lucky to meet two cute guys! And I LOVED your story so much

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