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Embarrasing Bus Ride

by Debra
(British Columbia, Canada)

This is a little embarrasing but here goes.

By the time I decided that I needed to use the bathroom on the bus ride from Mazatlan to Puerto Vallarta we'd reached the very curvy section of highway near Peurto Vallarta.

Making my way to the back of the bus was quite a challenge as we swayed and wound around bend after bend in the road but finally I reached the little room and pulled the door shut behind me.

As I held fast to the door handle with one hand the bus pitched and rolled around each bend to such a degree that I couldn't let go of the handle for fear of being thrown against the wall of the bathroom.

The struggle to lower my pants ensued with one hand while I clutched the door handle for support with the other.

Just as I successfully worked my pants around my knees, still holding steadfastly to the door handle the bus lurched violently around a corner hurling me against the door.

At this moment I realized that I had failed to lock the door and the weight of my body flung the door open wide while I still clutched the handle to prevent myself falling.

Now, with my feet planted firmly on the bathroon floor the rest of me, bare bottom and all, twisted and struggled for all to see in the passenger compartment of the bus. Clinging desperately to the handle I was helpless to do anything but swing from the handle and prevent myself from falling to the floor. Completely off balance and stretched half way across the passenger compartment I was obviously reluctant to call out for help but at a loss for what to do.

For several seconds I twisted and struggled, clinging to the door handle with my bare bottom waving in the air for the entertainment of the startled passengers on the bus.

Mercifully, the bus then veered in the opposite direction reversing the order of events and the door swung shut with a slam bringing me to my feet. I found myself standing back in the bathroom with the door handle still firmly in my grasp.

I quickly locked the door.

I heard the odd giggle as I made my way back to my seat and burst into laughter as I related my experience to my husband who had missed the whole thing.

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Jun 02, 2008
Thats a funny story
by: Captain Joe

I just read your story and thats a hilarious predicament, I can just picture it!!

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