Printable RV List

Cooking and Campfires

    Barbeque, camp stove, grill for campfire cooking
    Fuel for BBQ, stove, charcoal
    Cooking utensils (spatula, spoon, etc.
    Pot, pan, griddle
    Coffee pot, teapot
    Firestarter, fat sticks
    Long handled lighter, matches
    Newspaper or other non-glossy paper
    Weiner sticks, popcorn popper
    Other campfire cooking tools
    Flame resistant gloves

    Oven mitts, pot holders
    Table cloth, weights or clamps
    Plates, bowls, glasses, mugs, go cups
    Knives, forks, spoons
    Knife and sharpener
    Mixing bowl, wire whip, measuring cup
    Bottle/can opener, corkscrew
    Cooler, Ice
    Plastic food containers, zipper bags
    Foil, plastic wrap, wax paper
    Napkins, paper towels
    Can and bottle cozies

Food and Beverage

    Salt, pepper, sugar, spices
    Mayo, mustard, ketchup, relish
    Steak sauce (HP or A1)
    Salad dressing, dip
    Flour, sugar
    Baking soda, baking powder, cornstarch
    Cooking/Salad oil
    Peanut butter, jam, syrup, honey
    Coffee, tea, cocoa, cream
    Pickles, olives, hot peppers
    Bread, rolls, hotdog/hamb. buns
    Eggs, milk, soy milk
    Cheese (parmesan, cheddar, cream, etc)
    Sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese
    Bacon bits, parmesan, croutons
    Oatmeal, cream of wheat, corn meal, etc.
    Cold cereal
    Marshmallows, popcorn, campfire food
    Tuna, salmon, ham flakes
    Kraft dinner, noodle/rice side dishes
    Corn on the cob
    Potatoes, yams, carrots
    Pasta, spaghetti, instant noodles
    Pancake mix
    Fresh fruit - watermelon, grapes, oranges, etc.
    Limes, lemons
    Berries - blueberries, strawberries, cherries, etc.
    Lettuce, cucumber, green onion, celery
    Purple cabbage, radishes
    Onion, garlic
    Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower
    Mushrooms (canned or fresh)
    Tomatoes, peppers, avacados
    Chicken, pork, beef, fish
    Bacon, sausage, ham
    Weiners, hamburgers
    Canned beans, soups, spaghetti sauces
    Fruit cups, pudding cups
    Taco kit, hamburger helper, etc.
    Marshmallows, grahams, chocolate
    Peanuts, nuts, chips, etc.
    Sliced meats
    Granola bars, cookies
    Juice, soft drinks
    Beer, wine, coolers
    Liquor, bailey's, mix, ice

Cleaning and Sanitation

    Large and small garbage bags
    Dish cloth, towels, scrub pad
    Plastic washing bin
    Towels, face cloths
    Laundry soap
    Rags, shop towels
    Soap, shampoo, dish soap, laundry soap
    Cleaning solution (we use vinegar a lot)
    Hand sanitizer, hand wipes
    Tissues, bathroom tissue, paper towels
    Short handled broom and dustpan
    Short handled mop/bucket

Games and Recreation

    Life jackets
    Swimsuits, fins, goggles, towels
    Canoe/kayak, inflatable dinghy, paddles
    Tubes, noodles, boogie boards, float toys
    Dominoes, cards, dice, board games, etc.
    Bocci, frisbee, horseshoes, croquet
    Volleyball, badminton
    Baseball/glove/bat, basketball, soccer ball, football
    Kite, remote control toys
    Compass, maps
    Foot pump for inflatables
    Fishing gear, licence, bait
    Golf clubs, tennis racquets
    Music - ipod,satellite radio, etc.
    Musical instruments
    Smoking materials
    Camera, GPS, cell phone
    Scented candles
RV Living

    Large piece of outdoor carpet
    Lantern, fuel, mantles
    Heater, fuel
    Flashlights, headlamp
    Insect discouragers
    Folding table & chairs
    Water jugs
    Swiss army knife, multi tool
    Warm clothing, wool socks
    Rain gear, umbrella, gum boots
    Duct tape, gorilla glue, WD40
    Small sewing kit, safety pins
    Solar outdoor lights
    Solar panel
    Fire extinguisher
    Toilet paper, paper towel
    Small folding shovel
    Travel clock
    Water, water filter
    Bedding - pillows, sleeping bags, blankets.

First Aid Kit

    Emergency phone numbers, poison control number
    Flashlight, extra batteries
    Pen/pencil, paper
    1 First aid booklet
    1 Barrier device (breathing)
    5 Pair non-latex gloves
    2 Burn dressings
    5 Gauze pads 4X4 and 2X2
    2 Pressure dressings
    2 Eye patches
    1 Abdominal pad
    2 Roller gauze
    1 Adhesive tape
    1 Pair scissors
    1 Pair tweezers
    5 Triangular bandages
    10 Alcohol wipes
    2 Each hot and cold packs
    1 Space blanket
    10 Steri strips, butterfly bandages
    Bandaids (various shapes and sizes)
    Antibacterial hand gel
    1 pocket mask

    Prescription medication
    Epi pens, Inhalers
    Glasses, Reading glasses, contacts, sunglasses,
    Eyeglass repair kit, extra eyeglasses
    Hearing aid repair kit
    Ear plugs, hearing aids
    Toothpicks, brush, paste, floss
    ASA (aspirin)
    Antacid (tums)
    Eye drops
    Ear drops
    Aloe Vera, soothing lotions
    Sunscreen, bugspray
    Pain relief, Tylenol, Motrin, etc.
    Vitamins, herbal preparations
    Cold medication (day and night)
    Immodium, metamucil
    Water purifying tablets
    Antibiotic cream (polysporin, neosporin)
    Hot water bottle

~ Have a Great Trip ~