Printable Beach

    Beach Vacation

    ~ Sarong/ Pareo
    ~ Flip Flops/ Sandals/ Crocs
    ~ Beach Bag/ Dry Bag
    ~ Lots of swimsuits
    ~ Waterproof hair accessories
    ~ Quick Dry Shorts
    ~ Anklets/ Toe Rings

    Essential Beach Bag Booty

    ~ A sheet/ Beach blanket/ Large towel
    ~ Cover-ups/ Loose, light weight shirts
    ~ Wide brimmed hats
    ~ Sunscreen and lip balm with sunscreen
    ~ Small amount of cash
    ~ Disposable waterproof camera
    ~ Small spray bottle of white vinegar
    ~ Water
    ~ Bandana
    ~ Sunglasses

    Extra Beach Bag Booty

    ~ Mask and snorkel (fins optional)
    ~ Bug spray (depending on the area)
    ~ Inflatable or pop-up playthings
    ~ Picnic lunch
    ~ Swiss army knife or Leatherman tool
    ~ Folding lightweight beach chairs
    ~ Boogie board or similar
    ~ Aqua shoes
    ~ Umbrella or portable pop-up cabana

    Beach Bag Booty For The Kids

    ~ A pail and shovel
    ~ Beach ball, water wings, other inflatable toys
    ~ Snacks like fresh or dried fruit
    ~ Portable kid sized tents