Walt Disney World Secrets

Have a BETTER Trip!

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Walt Disney World Secrets for a magical vacation.

Save money and get Perks and VIP treatment for you, the kids and the grandkids.

Few places in the world evoke such happy family memories as WDW and, believe it or not you can have even better memories for less money!.

Here's the magic potion for the best family vacation ever.

Is Disney World in Your Future?

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Beth Haworth has some inside knowledge to share with you! Things you need to know if you want a bigger and better experience for less money.

A former Disney cast member, Beth is now a best selling travel writer. Here she has combined her skills as a writer with her knowledge of everything Disney World to come up with the Best WDW Travel Guide in cyberspace or print.

After seeing so many vacationers making costly decisions because they just didn't know any alternatives, Beth decided to share some insightful and creative ways to save big bucks on a Walt Disney World Vacation.

WDW is a business, and like any business, they want you to spend money, lots and lots of money. What self respecting business doesn't?

Without a guide like this one you'll be channeled toward the most expensive accommodations, food and souvenirs - not necessarily the best, just the most expensive.

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However, if you're like most travelers you want a great vacation for LESS money and that's what this book is going to give you - affordable Disney family vacations.

It's not just Walt Disney World secrets either, there are tips for making your entire Vacation to Orlando, Florida ultra magical while saving hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on the trip.

Of course you'll save money but it's more than that, it's also about making this holiday the one the family talks about for decades, creating memories the kids will revisit agian and again throughout their lifetime.

Where to stay, yummy but inexpensive places to eat, saving on souvenirs, what else to see while you're in the area, arranging VIP treatment, what's a bargain and what's not - Beth will amaze you with a wealth of information that covers every detail of your trip to Orlando.

You'll learn how to access perks on and off the grounds and deftly navigate around the money pits that claim the not-so-savvy newbies.

Always Current

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Here's one of the best parts. The book is updated regularly (the magic of the web) and you are entitled to every future update at no extra cost - so, it's always current!

Having Beth's guide is like having a friend that lives in Orlando - a very knowledgeable friend (or maybe a Fairy Godmother) who keeps up with the goings on.

Seriously, if you're planning a trip to WDW you can't afford not to buy this book.



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