Picnic Ideas

Planning a Fabulous Picnic

Picnic Ideas for mastering the art of picnicking. Plan a successful event for 2 or 20.

picnic ideas

You know how they say "a change is as good as a rest"? Well, a picnic can be as good as a mini vacation.

In any economy a picniking is an affordable outing that offers a respite from the ordinary.

Pack a picnic lunch to share with one special person or the whole clan.

Spread a blanket or tablecloth anywhere, from the back yard to a nearby lake or river campground and re-connect with your family, your friends and yourself.

A Picnic is Always a Special Occasion

Any day can be a picnic day whether it's a special celebration or a way to turn an ordinary day around.

From birthday parties to wedding celebrations - but who needs an occasion?

A picnic can just as easily be a spur of the moment, bring what's in the fridge, come as you are, event.

Here you'll find inexpensive ideas for planning a picnic for two or two dozen. Food, activities, themes and locations to make your picnic a simple but unique affair.

Start by Making Basic Decisions

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  • Who - Who will be attending? Is this an adult or family picnic? Two people or many?
  • What - What's on the menu? Hot or cold food? - Plan food items that can be made ahead. Any special activities?
  • When - Date and time that the picnic will take place. Don't limit yourself to time of year, some of our best picnics have been held in below freezing temperatures featuring a toboggan hill and a roaring bonfire for wiener cooking.
  • Where - Will it be close to home or involve a drive. Will anyone need directions or a map?
  • Why - Is there an occasion involved? We've held picnics for birthdays, wedding gift openings, Easter, Mother's day, Christmas Eve on the beach and for no reason at all but to connect with friends.

Once you've settled most of the above questions your picnic will begin to take shape.

Picnic Ideas

  • Theme picnics - Create a fun theme - masquerade, medieval, beach, pirate, 50's, 60's, hats...whatever floats your boat. Have your guests dress the part or provide a trunk full of begged, borrowed or bought-at-the-thrift-store clothing items they can choose from. Don't forget the camera.
  • .....

  • Meet in the middle picnic - For years my sister and I lived a 2 hour drive from each other. Sometimes we'd plan a picnic at a campground located mid way between our homes. The kids loved getting together and running around outdoors. And we loved spending the time together watching the kids tire themselves out.
  • .....

  • Picnic Food Ideas - Pre-made or easily grilled food is the preference for outdoor eating - Here are some simple suggestions - Wraps, fried chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, chili, baked beans, chicken breast, devilled eggs, macaroni salad, potato salad, crusty bread, cheeses, fruit and veggie platters, cake, pie.
  • .....

  • Romantic Picnic Ideas - Add music, solar lights and wine in crystal wine glasses.
  • .....

  • Vegetarian Picnic - For the vegetarians, try vegetarian lasagna, beans, bean salad, hummus, fruits and veggies.
  • .....

A Picnic is the very best therapy for the hustle and bustle of a too busy life. Pack a few goodies in a picnic basket or cooler and check out for a while. If you'll be in the sticks, include a few unsalted peanuts, nuts or seeds to coax little critters.

When the kids were little we sometimes had an impromptu picnic right on the living room floor just for a change of atmosphere. A Waterproof Picnic Blanket and pillows spread on the floor along with their favorite foods always gave the kids the giggles.

Folding chairs are a must at any picnic and if you have a hammock, bring it. If there'll be a campfire don't forget the wiener sticks, marshmallows and fixin's for the s'mores.


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