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One more thing

by Lace

Cut Aloe Plant

Cut Aloe Plant

Don't forget to bring the Aloe Vera just in case!

Sunburn can be a mood killer on a vacation to the beach.

For people with lighter skin, sunburn can happen with sunscreen on (I know this because it happened to me. I got burned with four applications of sunscreen over three hours.)

Rather be safe than sorry. You can also use aloe to tame some frizziness of your hair from the salt water.

Editor's comments

Those are some great tips Lace!

Sunburn is indeed a fun squasher during tropical vacations.

Remember that you can burn even on overcast days and that the reflection off the water when doing water sports magnifies the effects of the sun.

Feet are often forgotten when applying sunscreen and are a common place for burns and snorkelers frequently get nasty burns on their backs.

Aloe Vera is also our go-to gel for soothing burns. It's completely natural, straight from the plant to the bottle.

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