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Exhausted in Venice

by Charley



Got off a cruise ship in Venice and dragged that huge suitcase over cobblestones and bridges, then hauled it up 4 flights of stairs in the hotel. Hoisted it on and off the train to Milan.

My first stop in Milan was a post office - I mailed half my stuff home. Never again will I travel with that weight.

Traveler Savvy says - I know what you mean Charley. We learned about packing light the hard way too. I hope the rest of your trip was fabulous and care free.

A bag that seems lightweight when you're fresh and just starting out can seem to double in weight over a 1 hour period and aside from being cumbersome it also demands your attention when what you really want is to enjoy and soak in the sites.

Unless you're going to the North Pole or somewhere equally remote there will be stores where you can buy anything you really need.

Packing reminds me of what they used to tell me about dressing a baby. Dress him the way you think he should be dressed then take half of it off.

Pack what you think you'll need, then take half of it out.

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