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Tried and True Camping gadgets for the Savvy Camper.

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More than anything else, the perfect gadget will perform a much-needed task without being a diva itself. That means few needs, no batteries, low maintenance, no whining.

Solar powered and people powered gadgetry are high on our list of fabulous, fun and functional things to take on a camping trip because of their high reliability - low demand ratio.

Here are the things we love and that have served us well in our outdoor life.

Solar Camping Gadgets

Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern

We LOVE Luci!

This solar light is ideal for camping, boating and traveling. Light weight and bright enough to read by, this little Luci collapses to a diminutive 1 inch thick disc measuring 5.2 inches across and inflates to 5.2 X 4.5 inches (13 X 11 centimeters).

Solar powered, rechargeable, waterproof, easy to pack and shatterproof the light will shine on low for 12 hours on a full charge.

The settings are bright, brighter and intermittent flashing. Solar panels and LED bulbs are well protected inside the plastic housing.

Just put the light in the sun with the panels facing the sun (through a window is fine or directly outside) during the sunniest part of the day for 3 or 4 hours and "let there be light".


Lifestraw Bottle - Camping Gadgets for Safe Water

LifeStraw Go Water Bottle with Integrated 1000-Liter LifeStraw Filter

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate...the mantra of every wise outdoorsperson.

Water is high on the list of priorities when you're in the wilderness and access to safe water is ensured by the lifestraw water bottle. Even if you're unsure about the source you can make it safe.

Fill with H2o and the 0.2 micron filter scrubs your water clean of impurities as you drink it through the straw.


Hair Clip Tool

Monkey Business Clippa Mini Tools Clip

Not only will this great gadget keep your hair in place but everywhere you go...a tiny tool box goes with you.

It's amazing how resourceful us girls are, especially when we have access to the right tools.

You'll need more than one of these practical hair clips because all of your friends are going to want one.


Sandwich Iron - Tried and True Camping Gadgets

Pie Iron Sandwich Cooker

One of the very best things about camping is campfire time and that means yummy snacks and meals toasted over the flames.

Place bread of your choice on one side of the iron and add whatever filling or combination you like (cheese, pizza sauce, pepperoni, pie filling, even peanut butter and jam) then cover with a second slice of bread, close and toast...yuuuum.

This pie iron is 28 inches long allowing ample length to get the food close to the fire without getting you too close.


Carry Along Campfire

"Little Red Campfire" Portable Propane Camp Fire

Always a campfire...even when fire bans are in effect.

I don't know about you but for us, it just doesn't feel like camping without a fire burning.

Here's the answer to those hot dry summer days when actual campfires are restricted.

This self contained, portable, propane fueled fireplace gives you a real fire with genuine looking logs to kick up the camping experience in parks where open fires are restricted.

An 8 foot hose connects to a standard propane bottle providing fuel for the fire. No need to gather or buy firewood.

Add the functional Campfire Cook Top to turn this unit into a cooking fire.



Handmade Yucatan Hammock

Not only will this biggie seat two or three people side by side or sleep a couple (crosswise) comfortably (up to 550 pounds), it's a perfect siesta spot, can keep kids entertained for hours and is a great place to rock the little ones to sleep.

Pretty good for a scrap of yarn that weighs just over a kilo (2.5 pounds).

The plump and soft cotton yarn is expertly woven for comfort - no bumps or frays - and is loose enough to allow air to circulate on hot afternoons and sultry nights.

Plunk a comforter or sleeping bag in it for cooler nights and your cocoon becomes a toasty cloud that supports you from head to toe.

Easy to pack and transport and a breeze to hang up at your campsite especially if you use these Hammock Hanging Straps. They're a simple to use, super durable system that'll hold up to 500 pounds. Ultra long straps fit around trees as big as 2 feet across but can be adjusted for smaller ones too. The strap can be left on the tree or post so you can quickly bring the hammock indoors when rain threatens.


Romantic Camping Gadgets

LED Real Wax Battery Operated Flameless Pillar Candle

Candlelight ambience without the flame. These candles create a lovely glow inside or out and they won't blow out or cause fires.

There's nothing more romantic than a candlelit table and now there's no reason not to have that romance even when you're camping.

We even keep one of these on the boat and it lights things up beautifully without interfering with star gazing.


Firing up the Campfire

Light-a-Fire, Amazon's Best All-natural Fire Starter

Non toxic fire starters burn for 15 minutes. That's long enough to get a fire started in practically any situation.

The natural ingredients (food grade wax and wood shavings) impart no chemical smell during storage or burning.

The company provides employment to people with disabilities.


Super Compact Mess Set

Camping Cookware Mess Kit

A hot meal and a cup of coffee in the morning perfect the camping experience. This set is a super compact entire mess kit...right down to the spoon. - a spork, really.

Tenting and backpacking products must be small and lightweight, at the same time they have to pull their weight at the campsite and prove their worth daily.

Add this kit to your gear and warm your belly.


More Camping Savvy

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