3 Weeks Prior

To do List for 3 weeks before vacation.

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Here's a list of details to check 3 weeks prior to the day you depart for vacation.

This is page number 4 of our vacation planning guide that offers tips and information to keep travelers organized every step of the way.

On this page we'll address the things that can be done around three weeks before you leave on your journey.

Things to do 3 Weeks Before Vacation

  • Luggage - Get out your luggage and examine it for worthiness. Will it protect your belongings from weather, physical abuse and nimble fingers when not in your sight?

    You may decide that you need to purchase some new luggage.

    The invention of luggage with wheels has made travelling much easier. Avoid huge suitcases. Yes, you can get a lot of stuff in them. It's simply amazing how much all those little things weigh when you put them together in a gigantic suitcase.

    Our advice, as always is ~ Travel Light ~
    Choose a size or two smaller and leave the iron at home.
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  • Medication - Check all essential medications to make sure you'll have enough to last for at least one week beyond your return date.
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  • Hair Appointments - If you haven't already, make hair and aesthetic appointments now, or much earlier to catch those busy stylists. Check out this Fabulous Hair Site and learn to do your own "do".
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  • Currency - Check exchange rates here XE.com Personal Currency Assistant. If you're going to use traveler's cheques, you should order them now. We don't use them any more at all and we don't buy currency from the bank anymore either.

    We use a bank card in bank machines worldwide and get the best exchange rate. Take more than one card and don't wait until you are completely out of cash to visit the ATM. You can never count on the bank machines being functional and having money in them (no matter where you are).
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  • Vehicle Appointment - Make an appointment to have your vehicle checked over and repairs done, particularly if this is a road trip vacation.
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  • Bank Cards - Check with your bank about daily withdrawl limits on debit cards. Arrange for an increase if you think you'll need it. Leave room on your credit cards and even pre-pay a sum if you'll be gone for a while. The onset of online banking has made money issues much easier to deal with when traveling.
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  • PIN Numbers - Refresh your memory on pertinent PIN numbers or change them to something you can remember.
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  • Purchase - Automatic timers. Practice setting lights and radio to turn on and off at desired times with the auto timer. Keep looking for those travel sized items.
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  • Camera & Equipment - Purchase batteries and plenty of film if your camera uses it. Film can be ridiculously expensive in some countries.

    Don't forget to buy a disposable camera (waterproof for beach and sailing vacations) to capture those candid shots.

    Disposable cameras will come with you to places you'd never take your good camera and the quality of photos is surprisingly good...considering.
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  • Pets - Arrange boarding, or other care for your pets. Check out local kennels or find a pet sitter.
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  • Break Shoes In

    If you bought a brand new pair of shoes for the trip, start wearing them around the house to get them a broken in a bit.
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